Revival of the BRETZIE LJ Community!

It's been almost a year, but that's because I've become more active by building our official fansite, Bretzie World.

After getting around by it, I'm fixing some missing images and other files and such because my "image hosting" has expired.

Pretty soon you'll see cross-posted posts here coming from the Bretzie World site so it will be populated.

At the moment I'm currently doing major work on the site and other things, such as a server move.

Stay tuned for more details by following our tech updates Twitter account. Thanks!

Big 6 @ University of Santo Tomas

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On Wednesday, September 15th, five of the Big 6 arrived at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) for the school’s 7th USTv Students’ Choice Awards Kickoff Party. Apparently, the ever-lovable Ryan Bang was not able to attend because it is a school day for him and was not able to attend the event.

Below is a short video clip coming from a UST student (or simply part of the audience who is not from UST). According to the hosts of the event, “We have a LOVE TEAM here.” If you’re not sure what they mean by that then I would not be posting this entry in here. :D

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I had the chance to record the CHILL-OUT sessions of ASAP XV two days ago (Saturday night my time, Sunday afternoon Pinas time) with Bret without the rest of the Big 6 boys or the rest of the Big 6. It was the first time Bret appeared on ASAP XV by himself as he was promoting his debut single, All I Need is Love, along with a stage performance.

I wasn’t able to record his stage performance or his ASAP Spiels as the livestream from my end was completely lagging, flowing audio but frozen video. However, I did record pretty much all of his CHILL-OUT sessions, with him interviewing the awesome duo Rey & Kaye of the band Six Part Invention with their acoustic versions of T-Shirt (cover), You Belong With Me (cover) and their single Falling in Love (theme song in the teleserye Agua Bendita). I’ll upload those sessions later, but for now, it’s Bret’s time to shine on camera.

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Latest 411 & Star Magic Ball 2010

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The Latest 411…

Bret’s debut single All I Need is Love is now ranked #1 for most downloaded/purchased single at the Star Records website. Watch out for his next upcoming single, Now We’re Together, coming soon!

Bret was on college mode on Wednesday, 9/8. During the daytime, he and the other two of the Big 6, James Reid and Ivan Dorschner, as well as other prominent young male figures, had a campus tour of the all-female Miriam College. Then at night, he attended the Chalk Magazine 10th Anniversary celebration last Wednesday, 9/8. It was an open for public event (18 years and up) that celebrates the Philippines’ college life-related magazine that spanned 10 years, featuring lifestyles and trends of the Philippines’ prominent universities from Ateneo to University of Santo Tomas.

At the moment, both Bret and Fretzie are currently taking dance workshops at Star Magic on the weekdays starting sometime in early September during the afternoons (Philippines time zone obviously). If you are a local there and if you happen to live nearby ABS-CBN Studios, you can hang out at The Loop area to meet them right after. Just don’t be a stalker though…

Fretzie is part of the cast at the upcoming youth-oriented show (title pending) and the weekends-only series will be coming on air very soon, so stay tuned!

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“All I Need is Love” – OUT NOW!!

Listen up Bunnies and Bret fans! Bret’s first single All I Need is Love is now out on sale via digital download at the Star Records website. Global fans, you’ll have to use your credit card to purchase (even if it’s only around 50 cents USD) and download.

Why am I encouraging all fans to purchase and download? Because real fans don’t go the illegal way by going through file-sharing sites such as Limewire or hang out at torrent sites or even use downloader plugins to get the real song on YouTube (though the whole song isn’t out there yet, but I bet you someone is eventually going to upload it there). Plus, fans who don’t pay to support their idol are the lamest, cheapest, shameful people in the world. :P

Here’s your chance to show your support!

[CREDITS] Anna of the Bretzie Bunnies, who makes beautiful, sweet and seriously kick-ass Bretzie fanvids that would get your asses kicked with love~! <3 This teaser vid is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

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Future of the Bretzie LJ Community?

I’ve gotten involved with a lot of other things within the Bretzie Bunny foundation that I pretty much neglected the LJ Community. On the other hand, no one really goes there and I barely have any updates to share, except that the only thing that’s updated is their Current Itinerary schedule.

And since everyone has Facebook and they just go through the fanpage and PEX, the LJ Community has been pretty much neglected and forgotten by everyone. Ignored also at the same time. An LJ community with just one person who’s doing all the work isn’t going to work and now I’m pondering of closing it down.

Now with my newly-rebuilt blog now synced to the LJ Comm itself I may have to just write all the updates and entries here so I won’t have to go to the LJ Comm itself to make the changes. I think it’s more convenient this way since I feel a lot more inspired to write here than going to other places just to blog. Then again, hardly anyone comes to this blog either and that I have to ask people to come here and comment. Isn’t that pathetic? :(

Oh well, I hope someone here would leave a comment, sharing an opinion about this subject. Hmm….

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It’s TIME!

The Bretzie Bunnies finally got the official date for the upcoming Bretzie Fan Get-Together. This is the moment that we have been waiting for! After going through several reps and handlers of our sweet bunny couple, we finally got permission and confirmation of the event itself as well as the date itself.

The date is now set at August 17th, 2010. The setting is at Ortigas Center in…. Ortigas. The time and the actual location of the venue is still TBA, however if you ave an avid Twitter, be sure to reply to @BretzieOfficial for more information.

And that would be it, everyone! Sorry, that’s the only information that I have for you.

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Fretzie & Ryan @ Tekken Promo Event

On Sunday, 7/25, Fretzie and fellow PBB Big 6 winner (and #1 Resident Bunny) Ryan Bang appeared at the promotions event for the upcoming movie release of Tekken. Though it isn't a televised event, the Bunny Explorers had done their mission by appearing at the event themselves.

Fretzie and Ryan cosplayed (costume play) as a Japanese girl (kimono and all) and as Optimus Prime from the series Transformers. Don't they look adorable?

At least it's Ryan whom Fretzie is with. Bret shouldn't worry too much about Fretzie anymore. ^_^

Credits: Moniker

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Bret @ MYXPH Live Chat

On July 23rd @ 3:00pm (Philippines Time), fans and viewers from around the world had a chance to hang out with VJ Bret at MYX Philippines online chat.

Some of the parts provided are incomplete, some have visuals missing, and such. So I was able to find these links and have you guys "connect the dots."

Credits: Cybercebuto
(NOTE: Visuals are missing, freezes in between and the last parts of the chat are missing)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Credits: linglinglangsiako
(NOTE: First half of the questions on Part 1 are missing)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

(SIDENOTE: My question (Adrimarie) is mentioned in Part 2 @ 3:15 on the linlinglangsiako version. It's in regards to a possible performance with Fretzie on a duet in myx with a new original composition, just like Blue. Thanks for answering my question Bret!)

(Note: Viewable using Firefox only. Requires Windows Media Player Add-on for Firefox to watch)

BRET @ Live Chat

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